Trinity International College | ABOUT
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‘TRICOL‘ is unique in many ways. As a college, we are judged by the quality of our teaching, results and the character of our students. ‘TRICOL’ has a reputation for good results in both national and international examinations. Our students have been representing Nigeria in some international competitions and have been winning laurels. Our students have had success in numerous competitions, including Cowbell Mathematics Competition, Science Olympiad Competition, and Scholarship Examinations, in the United World Colleges (UWC), and the African Leadership Academy (ALA). Most of our old students are in very reputable universities in Nigeria and abroad.


The maximum class size at Trinity International College is twenty-five (25) students. Sometimes students are taught in smaller groups which greatly enhances their learning experiences while promoting a personalized style of teaching. With the small number, it is easier for the teacher to interact freely with the individual students during lessons, and address specific learning difficulties swiftly.
The progress of each student is closely monitored by the counselors and the teachers (year tutors, subject teachers, and class teachers). Remedial lessons are given to the less able students and the progress reports sent to their parents.


Trinity International College takes responsibility for developing the whole person. ‘TRICOL’ has a pastoral care system that takes care of the spiritual and pastoral needs of every student. The College chaplains are always there to render help to all students and staff. Although Christian principles are fundamental to the school’s orientation, students from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds are admitted into the school. All members of staff in ‘TRICOL’ share the Christian faith. Several spiritual programmes are always organized for both the staff and students.
A corporate worship kick-starts each day and each student is expected to take part. There are weekly Sunday Services, Wednesday Bible Study, Saturday Solemn Hour, Night Praise and the daily ‘Prayer Menu’, a ten–minute prayer session in each class after the third lesson. Weekly vigils are observed by staff while staff and students observe the termly vigils. The first day of every month is tagged, ‘Trinity Day,’ a day set aside by the whole ‘TRICOL’ community to seek the face of God in prayers and fasting.