Trinity International College | Meals & Accommodation
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Meals & Accommodation

At TRICOL, boarding is a happy alternative to home. Our boarding system is comfortable, warm and student friendly.

TRICOL boarding aims at inculcating in her students the spirit of peaceful and profitable co-existence, even as they learn to be independent, manage their time and develop self- confidence.


There are seven hostel units; three for girls and four for boys. In order to check bullying, the juniors have different hostels from the seniors. The hostels are split into comfortable rooms. Common rooms and centre courtyards are incorporated in the designs of the hostel. Each hostel is under the care and supervision of resident house parents, adults who are experienced in handling adolescents. They ensure the happiness and positive integration of every student in their care. The house parents are assisted by housemasters/house mistresses.

There is a regular contact between the house parents and academic staff on the progress of the students, so as to ensure coordination between the classroom and the hostel.

The hostels, though comfortable and sociable, are not a permissive environment.


Our college has a varied and rich menu.  The meals are prepared by professionals under hygienic conditions. Nutritious and healthy diets are served and each child is encouraged to eat the meals served.  There are usually two options to choose from. Only on medical grounds will a student’s alternative meal be provided, and this would have been revealed in the medical report submitted by the student at the point of entry. In the light of the foregoing, provisions are not allowed.


To ensure the happiness of the students in a boarding school, regular contact with parents is very important. Parents can call the hostel to speak with their children at specified times. Parents can call the school anytime to discuss issues about their children.
On Open Days, parents have the opportunity of meeting the staff one-on-one, to discuss their children’s academic activities and well-being.
Parents are permitted to visit their children last Saturday of every month, from 12 noon – 6.00pm. They are allowed to bring in light refreshments just enough for their children.