Trinity International College | Our School
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Our School

Our School

Trinity International College stands on eighty four (84) acres of land in a country setting at Trinity Hills, Ofada, where it moved to in 1998, three years after its establishment.


Trinity is a thriving academic community of over 700 students from all over Nigeria and abroad.


It offers a friendly, safe, serene and supportive environment that is conducive to learning. The College compound is large enough to offer plenty of varieties, and it is small enough for each child to be known by name.


TRICOL is a future-centered College, passionate about building a bridge between who and what a child is today and what he will be tomorrow. It is a school for children who aspire to be leaders in all areas of human endeavours. The school is divided into the Senior and Junior schools.  The Junior School has its own Principal, Vice Principal and Subject Coordinators. The Senior  School has its own Principal, Vice Principal and Heads of Department. A Principal and a Vice Principal with the support of a management team see to the affairs of each school. The Vice Principal, Special Duties sees to the daily activities in the boarding house, kitchen, clinic and the environment.The two schools are on the same compound and share most facilities.


Our school is overseen by a Seven-man Board of Directors, the decision-making body. They are tested individuals who have got to the peak of their respective careers.


The Board formulates policies for the school while the day-to-day running of the school and the implementation of the policies are the responsibilities of the Administrator, who is also a member of the Board.
 The Director of Education oversees the day-to-day running of both TRICOL and TRIFOS (The Trinity Foundation School). As the overall leader of the schools, she sets the direction and aligns the staff to achieve the set goals of the schools.


TRIFOS, the baby of TRICOL founded in 2006, and initially meant for TRICOL staff children and as a feeder school to the College, now serves Ofada, Mowe and the environs.