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Warm wishes for a happy holiday season from Trinity International College!

Happy holidays from Trinity International College! Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Season's greetings from Trinity International College! Wishing you a joyous and prosperous holiday season



To make teaching a sufficiently- rewarding and fulfilling career for all those who are endowed and have a call to pursue it.

We instill discipline, integrity, hard work and diligence as virtues to build life upon to our students.


Our students are talented, hard-working, and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life with hands-on opportunities, which is what we’re all about. Take a look at the opportunities you’ll have at TRICOL. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate desserts. Read more …..


What Sets Us Apart…
Our Uniqueness

The quality of our teaching, exceptional results and the character of our students are all indicators of the deep rooted work we engage in. The Tricol student is moulded to be a positive, productive influencer in whatever situation they find themselves in.

Classroom Size

The maximum class size at Trinity International College is twenty-five (25) students. students are taught in smaller groups to enhance their learning experience.

Health Services

Adequate health care facilities and qualified medical personnel make TRICOL stand out. 

Spiritual Life and Chaplaincy

TRICOL is a complete institution, going beyond the physical care of the child, There is a pastoral care system in place for the spiritual needs of the students.

Future-oriented Programmes

As a forward-looking College, TRICOL prepares her students for life after school, helping them make informed career choices.

The Staff

Academic qualifications and expertise, teaching experience and an ability to relate to young ones from different backgrounds, are the criteria by which TRICOL teachers are selected.

Intercollegiate Competitions

TRICOL is not about academic activities alone, but also gingers a healthy competitive
spirit in the students through sporting contests and activities with other schools.

Counselling Services

The Counselling Unit of TRICOL is well-resourced to offer assistance to students with educational, social, personal, moral, etc., through confidential individual or group counselling sessions.

Accommodation: Total Living

At TRICOL, boarding is a happy alternative to home. Our boarding system is comfortable, warm and student- friendly.

About us

Transforming lives & Inspiring Changes

Trinity International College stands on an eighty-three (83) acre parcel of land in a country setting at Trinity Hills, Ofada, where it moved to in 1998 – three years after its establishment.It is a thriving academic community of about 700 students from all the geo- political zones of the country, and some Nigerians from abroad. TRICOL offers a friendly, safe, serene and supportive environment that is conducive to learning. The College compound is large enough to offer plenty of variety and small enough for each child to be known by name. A Board of Governors, the policy-making body, oversees the College. These are professionals who are well tested in various fields and have continued to make invaluable inputs to the socio-economic life of the nation.

Academics - Departments & Facilities for Total Learning

Mathematics & Computer Science

The college places great emphasis on the teaching and learning of secondary school mathematics and its associated curriculum. Mathematics, like every other subject, is made interesting and appealing to all students. Our enthusiastic staff motivates students to learn and love mathematics.


English, French, Yoruba and Igbo are the languages being taught in TRICOL.


The TRICOL library is the central resource centre of the College community, modestly stocked with the latest non-fiction, classic and quality fiction books, alongside a comprehensive reference section. The shelves are continually filled with relevant educational material.


The department prepares the students for a lifetime of management and accountability. The subjects offered in Social Science include: Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Geography, Government, Social Studies, Business Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Civic Studies and History.


A wide range of skills is covered within technology, such as Technical Drawing, Basic Technology and Auto-Mechanics. Students can work with a variety of materials, such as metal and wood. This also gives them an opportunity of being equipped for their future careers.


Music, Cultural & Creative Arts, Visual Art, Basic Technology, Technical Drawing, Home Economics, Foods & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Auto Mechanics, Catering Craft, Dyeing & Bleaching, are taught as vocational subjects in TRICOL.


As TRICOL aims at producing 21st century thinkers and leaders capable of scientific and technological exploits, the teaching/learning of science is given top priority. This is demonstrated by a huge investment in ultra-modern laboratories.


For a Christian College like TRICOL, music is very important, whether as a subject, in worship services, for entertainment or recreation.

Our Students Testimonies

Meet Our Team

Mr. N. E. Omomo Principal Junior School

Mr. N. E. Omomo

Principal Junior School
Mr. S. A. Olajide Principal Senior School

Mr. S. A. Olajide

Principal Senior School
Mrs. O. R Adeyemo

Mrs. O. R Adeyemo

Director of Education
Chairman - Pastor Bayo Kolade

Pastor Bayo Kolade

Board of Governors
Pastor S.O. Olatunji

Pastor S.O. Olatunji

Board of Trustees
Dr. Olufemi Oyinsan

Dr. Olufemi Oyinsan

Establishment Committee
Dr. (Mrs) O.A Adebayo

Dr. (Mrs) O.A Adebayo

Education Committee


There is no magic to achievement. It’s really hard work, choices, and persistence.TRICOL has a reputation for good results in both national and international examinations. Our students have continued to represent Nigeria in some international competitions and have won laurels, including awards as the Best Behaved School. at competitions of International repute like the, Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN), Science Olympiad etc.






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Success Stories


Resident Physician, Henry Ford System M.D. School of Medicine Care, Western Reserve University Clarion University of Pennsylvania, United States of America

Dr. Alionye Usifoh
(First Head Girl, Set 2000/2001)

When I was looking for a secondary school for my son in 2015, I wanted a school where Christian values would be taught. Secondly, I wanted a school with a good history of excellent moral values and discipline. I wanted a “real'' school with no “Efizzy” as some would say. An institution where the management and members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) have the fear of GOD, are hardworking, dedicated and committed to the cause of nurturing children who would have a holistic (physical emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational) education. And their ultimate goal will be the interest and well-being of each child. These and more I have gotten so far in Trinity International College. This said, I would like that their standards should and must not be compromised in anyway. Kudos to everyone that is doing everything in their power to make things work in this institution God bless.

Mrs. Toyin Alao
Parent's Testimony
Member P.T.A

“I got to know Trinity International College, Ofada, through my daughter, who was then in Columbia International College, Ontario, Canada. In her words, “Mummy, please, find out about the school called Trinity International College so that Nifemi can go there.” She said the people she saw as a competitors in her school and who were really doing well were from the school. That was how we came to the school, did our tour round and we were convinced and brought Nifemi.
I can attest to the fact that Trinity International College, Ofada, is indeed a good school. The staff is dedicated and committed. The hostel is good and conducive. Academically, too, the school is good. They teach the child until they know it. I can boldly say that I have no regrets about coming here. I will always be grateful to Adebowale Saka for being my daughter's friend and telling us about the school.”

Mrs. Abimbola Odubanjo
Parent's Testimony
Member P.T.A

“Trinity does not just stand out; Trinity is exceptional. Her academic excellence matches the moral standard. Once I get the two, I am ok. My daughter got the best WAEC result, more or less nationwide, from Trinity. I had the same experience with my second daughter. You are doing well socially. I have got it all here. That is why I am still here.”

Mrs. Nnenna Udechukwu
Parent's Testimony
Member P.T.A
T. A. FADELE-Vice-Principal Junior School

I joined Trinity International College in September, 2005. Working in TRICOL has been a life-changing experience for me. It is in TRICOL I realized that teaching is a ministry and not only a source of livelihood. This has kept me going. So, I do more than expected. My initial plan was to spend three (3) years then, resign and move on with my life. However, the bond of peace and love in TRICOL had held me back and I am still in the system till date. As a teacher in TRICOL, I can say without any reservation that TRINITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is where God resides. This is evident in my life and also in the lives of other members of staff and the students.

Vice-Principal Junior School
Trinity International College
O. EBODA - Home Away From Home

I joined the TRINITY FAMILY ON JANUARY 4, 2006 and I met a family on ground. The College is a serene and conducive environment to learning and growth, both to
the learner and the trainer. It is home away from home. I have been a part of the TRINITY FAMILY for fifteen (15) years now and I give glory to God for guiding my footsteps here. The Lord has enlarged our family to include: TRIFOS (Trinity Foundation School) and TU (Trinity University), all these during my years in TRICOL.

Home Away From Home
Trinity International College

“Really, I must confess, from my candid research, TRICOL is one of the best schools in the country (Nigeria). My first daughter passed through this institution and she made it. What I was unable to build, Trinity was able to do for me. Morally, my children are very good. When they go out, I see the evidence that they have good school and home training.''

Engr. Mustapha Abdul
Parent's Testimony
Member P.T.A