TRICOL  Curriculum

Faculties & Facilities for Total Learning

We are committed to a balanced and broad-based curriculum so that every student can achieve their full academic potential.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure talented students reach their best and modest students discover their values. We operate within the National 9-3-4 system of education and specialise in effective continuous assessment.

As TRICOL aims at producing 21st century thinkers and leaders capable of scientific and technological exploits, the teaching/learning of science is given top priority. This is demonstrated by a huge investment in ultra-modern laboratories.

The wide variety of excellent facilities is adequately utilized by our enthusiastic and competent science teachers, while promoting hands-on learning through experiments.


For a Christian College like TRICOL, music is very important, whether as a subject, in worship services, for entertainment or recreation

Music cuts across the social, political, economic, religious, geographical and cultural aspects of life.


English, French, Yoruba and Igbo are the languages being taught in TRICOL. For French, there are facilities such as audio-visual equipment, foreign programmes and excursions to France and Francophone countries to encourage learning. The department ensures that students participate actively in interesting and educative programmes, such as debates, drama, spelling bee competition, poem recitation contests and other literary activities from time to time. These afford the students ample opportunity to acquire a wide variety of literary experiences.


The department prepares the students for a lifetime of management and accountability. The subjects offered in Social Science include: Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Geography, Government, Social Studies, Business Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Civic Studies and History.

Exposure to these subjects helps students to acquire knowledge for practical solution of economic problems of the society.


Music, Cultural & Creative Arts, Visual Art, Basic Technology, Technical Drawing, Home Economics, Foods & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Auto Mechanics, Catering Craft, Dyeing & Bleaching, are taught as vocational subjects in TRICOL.

Vocational subjects help students get their grip on skills needed for the future, target the creation of self awareness, and the development of creative ability, while working to discover their hidden talents. A mix of practical and theoretical work creates a perfect balance for the students.